It gives immense feeling of delight to congregate again for the 4th National Conference EMERGE’20. The previous three years of EMERGE journey had been so fulfilling with truckload of experiences and oodles of fond memories. This year, the National Conference has been planned keeping in mind the latest emerging trends in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Technology and Human Resource Development.  As innovations and discoveries happen every now and then, we wish all the participants of EMERGE to keep in tryst with modern developments such that they show progressive outcome and face all challenges that lie ahead of them with sheer confidence. Ideas, discussion and enthusiastic talks with fellow participants and academicians would help them in the process of discovering something innovative that would have a say in societal upliftment and also bring positive impact on the nation. We take this opportunity to wish the participants good luck in all their future endeavors and hope EMERGE will contribute in large measure to the vast ocean of knowledge.